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Connection of 2 DL380 to MSA2012i

M. West
Occasional Visitor

Connection of 2 DL380 to MSA2012i


We have two ProLiant DL380G5 Server with additional 2 Dual NIC and one Dual Controller MSA 2012i. On the Servers runs VMware ESXi 3.5.
The Server 1 has no problem to connect over iSCSI to the MSA. The other Server never find the MSA.

Have someone a idea?

Thanks for any help
Uwe Zessin
Honored Contributor

Re: Connection of 2 DL380 to MSA2012i

Could be a configuration problem on the MSA:
- must present to both servers

or on the second server:
- error in iSCSI initiator configuration or
- general network connectivity problem

Can you 'ping' and 'vmkping' the MSA data ports from the 2nd server?

The MSA2012i does allow multiple servers to connect to a single volume -
I know it, because I have set up two DL380G5 with VMware ESX V3.5 to access an MSA2012i recently.