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Consistant Windows 2000 upgrade problems

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Consistant Windows 2000 upgrade problems

Hi I have a problem that is currently effecting 2 of our servers. When performing a NT 4 to 2000 upgrade (yes I have run primer - version 1.5) half way through the 2000 install it asks for the 5300 array driver. I insert the 2000 version of the driver and it takes that, it then asks for CQRSCSMN.DLL which as far as I can work out is part of the driver for NT 4. Since this file is not on the 2000 driver disk, I click cancel, and the install completes sucessfully.

I can then install the 2000 support Paq, this too installs sucessfully. However, if I go into device manager, I can see the 53x array controller, but it has the yellow exclamation against it. If I click driver details I can see that the listing has the following drivers:
cpqcissm.inf (below marked not present)
cqrscsmn.dll (below marked not present)
cpqcissm.sys (installed version 5.18...)

also is listed a generic RAID controller device.

I think that the 2 above the sys files are remnants from the NT4 install, but how can I fix this?

I have spoken to support in the UK, and have been told to remove the 53xx array controller and the generic array controller in device manager, and then re-run the support paq before restarting, but need to be sure that the array controller will be added back in sucessfully. This has happened on 2 servers so far, and the engineer said that there is a upgrading to 2000 document, but I cannot find any document regarding the 5300 controller, the only one that I can find that compaq have published is last year, when the controller was not available.

To summerise I need to find out the following:

1. how to fix the "semi" installed controller.

2. the correct method of perfoming the upgrade with a 53xx controller, as I am ALWAYS asked for the CQRSCSMN.DLL file.