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Console connection to Model 10 Problems

Mark Wyckoff
Occasional Advisor

Console connection to Model 10 Problems

Picked up a model 10 recently, and I'm trying to get a console connection to the SPs. I'm using an HP 700/96 console with HP cable part no. 5061-5003. When I attempt to connect, I get nada on the console. I've tried resetting console to defaults by holding down D while starting console... no luck. Also tried changing terminal mode to EM100 on the console. Still no luck. The console is working, as it works on two different model 30s (using different cable, of course). The 5061-5003 cable is questionable, but I've been told by the vendor that the same cable was used to do the initial config.

Any suggestions, or things I might be missing?
Insu Kim
Honored Contributor

Re: Console connection to Model 10 Problems

You're using the right cable because manual says the 5061-5003 cable allows connection from the RS-232 port on the NIKE array to an EM100 terminal.
After you got nada, try to press ctrl+L or ctrl+^ to redraw the screen.

see one of the subjects, "Clarion 9137" in disk array forum where you may find any help.

Never say "no" first.
Curt Thompson
Respected Contributor

Re: Console connection to Model 10 Problems

Hello Mark,

Do you get the same response from both Storage Processors (SP)? If so, I would look at the possibility of a bad serial cable or terminal misconfiguration. It's possible to have two bad SP's but not likely that both have bad serial ports.

Just to be sure that the terminal is communicating using your cable, configure the terminal emulation for EM100 mode, and setup the comminication parameters of PORT1 (Datacomm) on the terminal to 9600, No Parity and 8 data bits. Save that configuration. Also, make sure the asterisks appears in the f4 box on the screen (remote mode). Connect the cable to the terminal on Port1 but do not connect it to the disk array yet. Using a small, stretched-out paper clip, connect pins 2 & 3 together at the free end of the cable. This will not damage the terminal in any way. If the terminal and cable are well, you should be able to type keys on the keyboard and see them echo on the screen. When you remove the paper clip, the echoing will cease. If this works, you are successfully looping back keystrokes through the cable. Now you are sure that the terminal and cable are ready to go.

Now, connect it to the disk array. Try both SP's (if you have both of them). One or the other should give you something. Hit <^> to re-paint the screen, if necessary.

As a last resort, and if the disk array is not in production yet, shutdown the host that is connected to the array and power the array OFF. With the known-working terminal/cable combination connected to the SP of your choice, power ON the disk array. Part of the power-on selftest for the array is to echo alpha characters to the screen (which represent the selftest currently running). This might help you determine if the transmit or receive end of the SP is not working correctly.

I have seen SP's perform all array functions correctly, but that have blown out serial ports. As a workaround, some functions can be performed through SAM (on HP-UX) to configure the array.

Good Luck.
Mark Wyckoff
Occasional Advisor

Re: Console connection to Model 10 Problems

Thanks Curt. Tried 'shorting' the cable, and got an echo. So I'm assuming that cable is good. Tried both SPs with no luck. I had tried the ctrl ^ and ctrl L previously, but tried again just to make sure, still no luck. Also tried shutting everything down, and restarting the array, which did not provide any results either. Unless you have any other suggestions, I'm contacting the vendor and going on the assumption that the serial ports on the array are bad...