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Continuous Access failover testing

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Continuous Access failover testing

When testing Continuous Access failover between two EVA's we plan to disable the isl links between the sites. failover the DR groups to the secondary site. Do the testing. remove lun presentation on secondary, delete DR groups and luns on secondary site. When we connect the sites again, I guess we will have to create the dr groups again with SSSU and data from config backup?

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Re: Continuous Access failover testing

I guess you are disabling ISL link as a precaution to have the PROD/R1 intact. SO are you going to use the R2 for the DR test?(I am not sure what failover works in a CA group; Or)

If you want to discard the changes at R2 then just do split. After DR test run establish, during DR test PROD will be available if you choose to do split. If you will do failover your PROD will go WD and DR become RW enable for local servers. This is how it works in a EMC symmetrix scenario. I hope something equivalent might be in place with EVA too.