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Continuous access

Hi Folks ,

We are in the process of migrating from an HP EVA 5000 in an active/active firmware config to a new eva 8400.

THe last steps for us are to use the COntinuous access to migrate Oracle which is sitting on red hat linux and some large windows volumes.

The sans are in same location etc so no issue there.

I have the continuous access implementation guide and have made the required changes to switch fabrics etc.

Basically I am after some guidance on the setup, testing and finally the migration of the data to the new san.

I am not overly familar with CA but.
Any guidance to whitepapers would be usefull.

The real issue I have is the steps on the day of the migration to go through in presenting the new replicated luns on the 8400 to the linux hosts and remove the CA setup after that.

CHeers in advance