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Copy big file from windows to EVA

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Copy big file from windows to EVA

Windows 2003 connect to EVA 4100.
I create a 400G vd on EVA, and mount it on windows.
Then copy a 140G file to the disk.
After about half file was copied, the copy process didn't work, there was no write on EVA.
I try to copy a 30G file to eva, it is fine.
And copy the 140G file to a disk which is not on eva, it is fine.

Is there some configuration on EVA or Windows about big files?
Uwe Zessin
Honored Contributor

Re: Copy big file from windows to EVA

The EVA does not know what a file is - it simply serves an array of blocks to the server.

Did you get any error messages during the failed copy? Anything in the Windows event log?