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Creating a raid 0 with data on disk0

Dag Espen Gulliksen
Occasional Visitor

Creating a raid 0 with data on disk0


Im not shure if this is a "smart" question but i will try anyway :)

I have a customer who wants to upgrade his HP tc3100 with one more drive so that he can mirror the disks.
But he has allready a server with Windows 2000, Exchange 2000, MS SQL 2000.
Prit and file sharing , well all that stuff.

Is it possible to insert a new disk and make a raid 0 without erasing the system on disk 1 ?

Best regards form Norway
KISS ( Keep IT Simple Stupid )
Tommy frandsen
Occasional Contributor

Re: Creating a raid 0 with data on disk0


When you add an extra disk to your system and you then want to create an array, you lose your data when the array is initialized.

Also notice that raid 0 is striping which means that data is striped over two or more disks which will give you really great read/write performance but when you lose one disk you lose ALL your data. As a minimum you should use raid 1+0 which is mirroring and striping. So here you can affort to lose one disk but be quick to change the failed disk.

Best Regards