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Creating new LUNS with two RG's

rob nolen

Creating new LUNS with two RG's

I have two RG's on my Va7400. I'm creating a new ~150GB file system.

Is it good practice to put half on one RG, and half on the other, i.e. 2 75GB LUNS, one in each RG, or create one LUN in a single RG?

Thanks in advance for any assistance.
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Re: Creating new LUNS with two RG's


Its good practice to spread the luns across different RG.Its not advice to create this much big lun also...Bcoz the data queue by default is 8.IF ur creating more luns of negotiable space u will get more data queue ..

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Re: Creating new LUNS with two RG's

It's a good idea (for performance reasons) to create 2 LUNs and access them via the primary controllers, e.g. LUN in RG1 via C1 and LUN in RG2 via C2.

Hope this helps!

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Re: Creating new LUNS with two RG's

Hi rob,

Create 2 75Gb Luns on both RGs. & create a stripped VG with this 2 LUNS. SO you will can utilize both controller's I/O for accessing the VA.

This will give you the maximum read /write performance.

Hope this helps you.


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