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D2600 Re-cabling

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D2600 Re-cabling

I have inherited an incorrectly or at least poorly cabled DL380 G6 with a P812 and 2xD2600 LFF. P812 FW 3.52 & D2600 both 0103. The way it is cabled now the P812 controller ports 1&2 goto IO Module A 1&2 on 1 shelf and P812 ports 3&4 goto IO Module A 1&2 on Shelf 2. I get a redundant path degraded error obviously and port 2 on each IO Module seems to be working is this correct? From the cabling guide I assumed IO 1 was always going to the controller? So I was going to correct the cabling to dual domain but what I tried did not work at all. First I attempted to get it working with port 1 IO/A on each shelf connected to the P812 on ports 2 & 4, it did not detect, then I tried them on 1&3 because it appeared to be looking for the enclosures on those ports. This also did not detect, so I reverted back to the original configuration. Should I just completely switch to a dual domain cabling configuration and try that? Also forgot to mention I powered everything down for each change and powered up the shelves first each time. It is baffling to me that in dual domain IO/A 1 is always connected to the server in most configuration examples but now somehow these shevles in their current poor state are using IO/A 2, maybe it is assuming the best performance diagram configuration is what was attempted? Any help appreciated.

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Re: D2600 Re-cabling



You have a very old FW version of the controller. Please update it.



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