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DC power supplies for a D2700?

Mike Texter
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DC power supplies for a D2700?

I can't find a reference to anything that says these exist.  I see that the D2700 takes a "common slot" PSU, and there's a DC chassis for a P2000 (to which the DC D2700 attaches), but there isn't a VDC power supply listed in the D2000 quickspecs (for either the D2600 or D2700), so i'm concerned that i'll blow something up if I try it.  Can anyone help steer me in the right direction? 

Basically what we have is 4 of these D2700s attached to a DL360pG8, and will soon moving everything to a DC power environment.  The current PSU in everything (G8 and D2700) is a 460W VAC PSU.  The smallest VDC version is 750W, and if that will work for both of these systems, that would be great. 



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