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DF / SE confusion

Enno Baars

DF / SE confusion


Looking at the disk modules installed in our A3311A "Jamaica" HA Storage System I stubled over some strange fact:

* All disk modules are labeled "DF" and are connected to a "DF" Interface on our server
So these are "differential SCSI" modules.

* ioscan reports these disks to be of type "Seagate ST19171N". According to Seagate these drives have a "SE" interface.
So the bare drives are "single-ended SCSI".

Now how can this be?
Does the module case (which encloses the bare drive) do some SE <-> DF conversion?

Any information is appreciated!





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Re: DF / SE confusion

HP may be able this better, but I have seen this same thing in these drives (an ST34573WC can be either SE or DF). I had taken the module apart (not recommended by the way) and there was an adapter of sorts attached to the drive.

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Vincent Fleming
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Re: DF / SE confusion

As I recall, the product number reported in the response to the SCSI Inquiry command that ioscan issues does not distinguish the bus type in Seagate drives.
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