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DIsk Upgrade Question

Asif Amin_1
Occasional Visitor

DIsk Upgrade Question

I am sure this question has been asked before, so sorry but I want to clarify this.
I had 642 controller with 2 arrays .

Array A : OS System/Boot Partition

Array B: 4 x 36.4 GB Disks

Task : Upgrade Array B , using 146 GB Disks

I replaced each disk one by one after waiting for each one to rebuild itself.Eventually ACU showed unsed space ( cannot remember figure) .
The problem occured when i tried to extend the array , it displayed a much lesser maximum to how much the array could be increased to something like 266 gb when in fact i wanted it to expand to 420 gb.
The only way i got round this was to backup the data on Array B and delete the array and recreate array and copy data back .
Any thoughts of a better way without having to go through the process i went through?

Someone has suggested firmware and another updating the acu version ( i am running acu version 7.0.10)