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DL 160 G6-410 CONTROLLER WITH 256 MB CACHE RAID 5on Ubuntu

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DL 160 G6-410 CONTROLLER WITH 256 MB CACHE RAID 5on Ubuntu

I have DL 160 G6 WITH THREE 146 GB SAS HOT PLUG HDD's. I am trying RAID 5 for installing Ubuntu 9.04 and MYSQL for a DB Server.

Here is quick config.
DL 160 G6 HOTPLUG + 3 SAS 146 GB HDD's+ 8 GB RAM + 410 controller. As per the specification, it should support RAID 5.

So far, here is what I did.
I installed the memory + HDD's + 256 CACHE

I did updated the firmware to the hp boot key and seems to be went well.

The correct backpane for 4 HDD is installed and that seems to be working since I have a blue LED glowing for the third HDD.
Rom configuration for arrays is not showing up the third HDD.

Here are the issues that I am facing.

1. The 256 cache is detected but says the since the battery is not available , the cache is disabled

2. I went to the ROM setup utility for setting up arrays. I can see two HDD's but I cant see the third one. The two HDD's-the first and the second LED's are green and the third one has blue so the third HDD's is detected but not shwing up in the configuration utility.


1.How do I set up RAID 5?

2. Do I need to install Ubuntu 9.04 and then install HP UBUNTU SUPPORT PACK and then install RAID 5 through array config utility and then Install MYSQL to avail RAID 5?

3.In the HP-Ubuntu support doc, they are talking about option for i386 port for memory above 4gb. Here is the line.(let me know I can send you the pdf)
"If you are running the i386 port, and your system has greater than 4GB of memory, you will need
to install one of the following optimized kernels to enable access to the additional memory:"
The 686-bigmem kernel permits 32-bit systems to access more than 4GB of memory."

How do I install 686-bigman to utilize the 8gb memory I have?

4. When do I use the ROM based array configuration for arrays and when do I need to use HP ACU(AFTER OS INSTALL) for configuring RAID 5?

I know there are lot of Linux guru's out here. Help me out.
Any help appriciated.
Thank you for all the replies.