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DL-180 G5 freezes

Martin Schaible
Occasional Contributor

DL-180 G5 freezes


Our new DL-180 G5 (E200 RAID Controller) freezes periodically at least every 10 days. I replaced the memory already, which didn't help.
I can't see anything relevant in the eventlog, this lookes fine to me.

Now i'm bit lost, where to look further on.

I downloaded the HP Diags Offline. Our server has no CD-Drive, so i can't use it. Is it possible to create a bootable USB-stick with this software? i discovered a folder called "USB", but i couldn't find any instructions.

Actually i'm not really sure, if HP Diags will help to find some broken hardware anyway, while the freeze of the server happens only between 3 and 14 days...

any idea?
Pieter 't Hart
Honored Contributor

Re: DL-180 G5 freezes

does this DL180 has an ILO-port you can access?
Also when the server is not frozen, from the system management homepage you may be able to access the ilo eventlogs, wich may give more (other) information then the windows-eventlog.

the E200 has several advisories for W2k3 and w2k8
go to www.hp.com.go/support enter your model and OS and look under "troubleshoot a problem"

like : "HP ProLiant DL180 G5 or ML150 G5 Servers - Server Freezes with Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Under Heavy I/O Traffic "
Martin Schaible
Occasional Contributor

Re: DL-180 G5 freezes


Thanks for the quick response.

Nope, this server has no ILO. I already followed all related articles. All possible firmwares are up-to-date.

The server runs with windows server 2003 SP2 full patched.

The server is not really under heavy load, so the crash does not depend on this. To verify this, i will start some large copy jobs localy from partition to partition and over the network.

i also added the server to our SNMP-monitoring to hopefully see some helpful data at next crash.

It is really annyoing for me. We went back to HP-servers after years using other brands and the first thing i have experience is an unstable server, great ;-(