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DL360 (G4) - disk upgrade

Mick Stevenson
Occasional Contributor

DL360 (G4) - disk upgrade


I am about to upgrade a DL360 (G4). Currently, both disks have 146gb disks as a mirrored pair

• If I replaced the 146gb disk with 300gb disks, how would I configure the new space?

• What RAID configuration could I use for the additional space?

• Are there any performance issues with this procedure?

Honored Contributor

Re: DL360 (G4) - disk upgrade

Is it the SCSI model, with the Smart Array 6i?

If so, and if you are running RAID 1.
Then it's very simple and easy.

First ensure you got a good backup, and disaster recovery plan. I know that I might scare you, writing this. But you must do this before messing with disks.

Keep the server running:
1. Remove 1 disk.
2. Insert 1 new disk.
3. Wait for the mirror to finish rebuilding.
Use ACU or look at the On-line LED (The mittle LED).
Flashing mean re-building. Rebuild will start with in a few seconds.

4. Replace the other disk.
5. wait for rebuilding the mirror.

Now you have got 156 GB of new free space.
Depending on you OS you have a choice.
You can extend the excisting LUN (Grow you disk).
Or you can create a new LUN or more. With only 2 disks the RAID level choise is 0 or 1.

Extending the LUN is supportet on Win 2000 sp4 and Win 2003.
I don't know with other OS

Finished with the hardware part.

Now the OS part:

with win 2003 you can extend the partion using delpart (command). I'm not sure if you are allowed to extend the boot partition with windows running. If so, then you have to make one of these boot CD's, that enable you to boot on a CD, and run windows commands, on a installed drive (I don't know how to do that)
You will need the CD method, if you are running Win 2000