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DL360 G5/MSA50

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DL360 G5/MSA50

Hi All,

Not sure if this is in the correct section or not, but here goes.

We currently have a DL360 G5 with 2 MSA50's attached to it, each MSA50 is configured in a RAID 5 config with a P800 RAID controller, the DL360 has local disks in it also.


The problem we're having is that we had an issue where 2 disks failed, 1 in each storage array, so I checked in the RAID controller and it showed that each logical drive, the status was set to "NEEDS RECOVERY"


When checking the disks though, all were showing as OK, we've tried to delete the actual logical drives, and when we try to delete it, it gives the following error:-


Configuration Error


A fatal error has occurred.

Command: C0

SCSI Status: 0002

Command Status: 0001

Press <ESC> to return to the main menu.


Any ideas on how I can delete these logical drives and start fresh with it all? Not too bothered about the data on the disks currently as it's a small DR host which can easily be re-seeded.






Mike Texter
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Re: DL360 G5/MSA50

Yeah i've had an issue like this before!  It seems to me that most HP RAID controllers will lock you out of making changes to certain arrays from the OS environment, like the Array Configuration Utility.  What i've always done in that case is just reboot the system and then press <F8> when prompted to configure the controller in the pre-boot/POST environment.  You can do absolutely anything you want to from in here with no interference and little warning, so be careful you don't delete your boot array :)

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