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DL380 Corrupted array


DL380 Corrupted array

We have a DL380 G4 with 6 disks: 2 x 72GB for OS in RAID 1 and 4 x 300GB for files in RAID 5. Recently one of the disks on the RAID 1 was indicated as bad and I replaced the disk. The system started rebuilding but stopped after about a minute and declared the new disk as bad. For testing purposes I took the first "bad" disk and inserted it into another DL380. The system booted up fine with this disk, however this system couldn't rebuild the RAID either; it stopped after a minute just like the first server. This leads me to think that the RAID-configuration of these two disks somehow got corrupted. So I have two questions:

1. What are my options here?

2. I assume one of the options is to delete and rebuild the RAID 1 from scratch with Smartstart. However, will I be able to keep all the data on the RAID 5 in this scenario or should I plan for a total reinstallation?