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DL380 G3 Hard drive question

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DL380 G3 Hard drive question

Good morning fellow techers.

I just added a 4th HD to the server and ran through the bootable CD (quick start) to add the HD to the array. The application saw the drive and let me add it to the existing array, but it has been at the resizing screen for almost 2 hours and the green led's on the drives themselves are blinking as well as the amber led that looks like a HD with a X on it.

Am I having problems? Or am I not being pateiant enough?

Uwe Zessin
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Re: DL380 G3 Hard drive question

The shuffling of the data can take a while. How big are your disk drives? The blinking fault LED is also used as a locator function while you are running ACU.
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Re: DL380 G3 Hard drive question

I have 4 36 GIG drives, I did find that it could take up to 20 minutes per GIG.

Surely its not going to take 48 hours for me to add a new 36 GIG hard drive to this server?

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Re: DL380 G3 Hard drive question


The amount of time it takes to perform an online capacity expansion depends on several parameters:
drive speed, the server microprocessor speed, the amount of other I/O work the server is doing, and the priority level of the capacity expansion. This priority level can be changed from low (the default in ACU) to medium or high to expand the volumes as quickly as possible. Depending on these factors, the expansion process takes somewhere between 10-15 minutes per GB.