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DL380 G4, 2xMSA20 with 24 x 250GB HDD's

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DL380 G4, 2xMSA20 with 24 x 250GB HDD's


I have recently configured a DL380G4 with 2 x MSA20's, they each have 12 SATA disks of 250GB.
I have one logical drive on each.
One disk from each array has an orange light, the IML does not report a failure and ACU shows no problems. All components patched with 7.40 firmware cd.
Is this to indicate a hot spare on each MSA20? I cannot see that I have two hot spares.

Jason Lee3
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Re: DL380 G4, 2xMSA20 with 24 x 250GB HDD's

Hi Carl,

What smart array are you using and has that also had the FW updated. The LEDs don't indicate hot spares, that's not the issue here. You would normally say it doesn't look like firmware either as you have updated that. However the fact both shelves are displaying the issue smacks of FW problem and it could be an unknown issue with the new FW. HP don't list this as a currently known problem for the DL380G4 or the MSA20 (I'd like to check the support advisories for the smart array). The MSA has an EMU built it to it, was it recognised and FW updated when you ran the 7.4 FW CD? Were the hard drive FW levels updated as well?
You could try downloading and running the HP array diagnostic utility (ADU) offline to really analyse the state of the logicals. Also wouldn't hurt to try an older version of firmware on the shelves (EMU), HDDs and smart array.
A basic physical step would be to pull one of the drives and after 30 seconds reinsert it. After the rebuild check if the fault led remains off. If it does then proably an issue of EMU status confusion or something simple and you could repeat for the other drive. If it doesn't then pull again and this time insert a new replacement drive (Probably means logging an HP warranty call to get one). If this fails then HP would need to replace I/O-EMU board, backplane etc to eliminate.


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Re: DL380 G4, 2xMSA20 with 24 x 250GB HDD's

I have updated SA6i, SA6400 and MSA20 firmware to 2.58

There are no firmware updates that I can see for the SATA disks.

I don't really want to pull out the disks if I don't have to.

I check ACU and it only reports 11 disks in each MSA20 shelf. The two logical drives are RAID6.