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DL380 G5 Storage Server - FC HBA hangs server

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DL380 G5 Storage Server - FC HBA hangs server

Dear all,

I'm having some problems with a HP Proliant DL380 G5 Storage Server. This server is connected to two HP StorageWorks 4/16 SAN Switches.

The server was working great until one day I had to restart it and it froze during the process showing only the background. I did a cold reboot but the server froze at the windows boot animation and stayed like this for days. I did the recovery process using the HP discs and everything went fine until the drivers installation phase it where stopped during the update of the HP FC HBA controllers (FC2242SR DC). I restarted and again it hung during the process. When I tried to install the server using a normal Windows Server 2003/2008 disc, it hangs at the start of the installation.

I found out that if I disconnect the FC cable from the HBA it starts correctly. I did that and I was able to install the server using both the recovery disc and the Windows Server 2003/2008 discs. I connected the FC cable it detected some devices ("HSV200 SCSI Array Devices", "Disk Drive" an "Tape Library").

The problem is that when I try to install the drivers (with the FC cable connected) it hangs for days and if I try to restart or do a cold boot it hangs during the process.

Any hints? Thanks in advance and sorry for the bad english. :)

Drivers - http://h20000.www2.hp.com/bizsupport/TechSupport/SoftwareIndex.jsp?lang=en&cc=us&prodNameId=1143907&prodTypeId=12169&prodSeriesId=1809835&swLang=8&taskId=135&swEnvOID=1060
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Re: DL380 G5 Storage Server - FC HBA hangs server

One thing you could check is to unzone the storage server. And then add the EVA and tape library. Maybe there is a problem with one of them - or something else on the SAN.
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Re: DL380 G5 Storage Server - FC HBA hangs server


As i know that if it is windows 2003 SErver then there is a known issue with Windows Storport Driver that leads to the Windows Boot Hung if FC Cables connected to SAN.

If you disconnec the FC Cable server boots normally.

After OS installation make sure that latest Storport patch updated on Windows and upgrade the FCHBA Firmware to latest and install latest FC HBA Driver.

KB932755 is the Patch and check if new storport drive in Microsoft Site.

Recently my colleague faced the same kind of issue and it is resolved by doing the update of Windows Storport Patch , FCHBA firmware , Driver.