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DL380 with external storage

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DL380 with external storage

Refer to the technical specification of Storage Server DL380, I found the "Max capacity based on connection of up to 13 MSA30s (SCSI) enclosures fully populated with 300GB SCSI HDDs or 13 MSA20 (SATA) enclosures fully populated with 500GB SATA HDDs" & "NOTE: Maximum storage is 56 TB with MSA 30 enclosures, 13 Enclosure support with embedded controller, internal drive capacity."

Is it really possible? Because I found the technical specification of smartarray controller is 14 disks only for each channel.



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Re: DL380 with external storage

I guess this calculation assumes the use of 3 6404 smart array controllers (4 channel each) to connect 12 MSA30SB plus 1 MSA30 to the internal controller = 13 MSA.

Hope this helps!

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