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DL380G5 with P400 controller expanding Raid5

Patrick Simons
Occasional Contributor

DL380G5 with P400 controller expanding Raid5

I have a DL380G5 with the P400 raid controller. On this controller i have configured 3 72GB 10K rpm SAS disks in Raid5 and additional the LTO2 Tapedrive.

i would like to add some storage to my Raid5 array and bought another 2 72GB drives. They are identical to the ones already present. When i go to the Array configuration utility, i can only see 1 Unassigned Drive at Bay4. The disk on Bay5 is not there. To make sure that the disk aren't DOA's, i switched them. The result was the same, the disk on Bay5 is not to be seen.
Is this because the Tapedrive is attached to the controller?

The other problem i have is that the current array is not expandable for some reason. What can the cause be?
Víctor Cespón
Honored Contributor

Re: DL380G5 with P400 controller expanding Raid5


Addition of the battery backed cache upgrade enables BBWC, RAID 6 with ADG, array expansion, logical drive extension, RAID migration, and stripe size migration.

You need this:
Battery-backed write cache upgrade 383280-B21

Second question:
The P400 has 2 ports, each is connected to 4 disks. I suppose the you have connected the LTO2 to one of the ports, thus leaving 4 disk bays unconnected. That's why disk in bay 5 is not seen.

Hint: use the P400 for the disks and a non-RAID SAS adapter like the HP SC44Ge for the tape.
Patrick Simons
Occasional Contributor

Re: DL380G5 with P400 controller expanding Raid5

Thanks, for the support, i also need the cable kit apperently.