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DL580 and MSA30 array

Sergio Islas
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DL580 and MSA30 array

Hi all,

We have a Proliant DL580 with 4 HD in a RAID 5 -windows 2000 server- with Damgaard Axapta install on it (partition C: system only 45MB free, partition D: data only 2GB free) because of disk space issues we added an HP MSA30 –I was unable to extend the array.

What I wanted to do via Disk Management Utility is to rename the new partition F in the MSA to partition D (renaming first de D partition to another drive letter) end moving all my data to the new clean D partition in the MSA.

1. My main concern is when I move my data to the new partition would Damgaard still see the new partition as the old one?

2. Would this make a difference in speed -overall performance- been this a separate unit?

3. Would this make another point of failure?