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DR Environment: HP XP + HDS 9900, Does it work?


DR Environment: HP XP + HDS 9900, Does it work?

We know that HP OEMed the XP series high-end storage from HDS 9900[V] series of Hitachi.

It is said that HP rewirte its own firmware and software for XP storage. But the software on SVP is almost the same.

When I use a SAN tool from Brocade to scan the SAN network of my customer, there are a XP1024 and XP512 in it. The output of scaner is Hitachi storage, not HP storage.

So, I think if a customre has a XP1024 and a HDS 9980V. He'd like to build a DR system using the above two boxes. Does it work? If so, how to configure them? If not, Why? and what is the key reason?

Looking forward to experienced experts reply.
Marek Smejkal
Frequent Advisor

Re: DR Environment: HP XP + HDS 9900, Does it work?

I may work, but it is "not supported configuration" - if you have any problems neither company can help you.
Ucode is different on HP boxes and this is reqirement to have the same ver/rev on both boxes for CA. HP also does not use all HW components on XPs as HDS, like disks or memory (HDS used to have 9GB disks but HP never).
Additionaly HP ucode has more options of LUN # per port etc, there is quite big difference.
What about upgrade one of the boxes to other platform? In certain situation it was possible upgrade HDSx to XP512.

Re: DR Environment: HP XP + HDS 9900, Does it work?


HP does not support Metro Cluster and Hitachi Storage at all in an CA environment regardingless of microcode similarities or other things.