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DS2300 and 4si versus va7100

Andy Beal
Frequent Advisor

DS2300 and 4si versus va7100

I'm looking at adding some more storage to my HP9000 rp5470. I'm trying to decide between a va7100 and FC card, or another DS2300 and 4si card. I've got my ducks in a row as far as redundancy, etc, but wondering/worried about performance. Either unit will house some Oracle datafiles. Does anyone have any comparison between using a ds2300 on a dedicated raid card versus using a VA7100, as far as access times and raw throughput? note, this is a va7100 not the newer va7110, for the money the price is about the same in this situation. I know the va7100 is bit flexible and advanced form of storage, but am I going to sacrifice raw speed for those luxuries?




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Re: DS2300 and 4si versus va7100

Doesn't it just come down to Fiber .vs. wired SCSI? THough it is never discussed, I would guess the fiber channel has the advantage. THe specs have FC interconnect speeds of 200MB/sec, but the DS2300 can be run with U320SCSI and should be able to get 320MB/sec in that case instead of the standard 160
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