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DS2300 and Ultra160 mode

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DS2300 and Ultra160 mode

Hello I have a DS2300 that was originally connected to an rp5430, to a 4si card in split bus mode with 2 scsci cables & 2 terminators, and was functioning perfectly in this configuration.

Now I've connected my DS2300 to a rp4410, to an Ultra320 scsci card model (SCSI Ultra320 A6961-60011)
one scsci cable form BCC 1 channel A to the port B of the SCSI Ultra320 A6961-60011 and all the other BCC channels have a terminator on them.

I made sure that the dip switches are set to SES and Full bus mode.The problem I have now is when I run mptconfig /dev/mpt3, it states that 7 drives are set to ultra160 and the other 7 drives are set to ultra2 as shown below.Why is this?How can I make sure that all drives are set to ultra160.Thanks

mptconfig /dev/mpt3

Scan For Devices ...

---- ADAPTER INFORMATION -----------------------------------------------------

Device File : /dev/mpt3
Hardware Path : 0/1/1/1

---- BUS PARAMETERS ----------------------------------------------------------

Initiator SCSI ID : 7
SCSI Bus Rate : Ultra160
SCSI Bus Width : Wide

---- CHANNEL CAPABILITIES ----------------------------------------------------

Req/Ack Offset : 127
Bus Mode : LVD
Quick Arbitration Selection : Enabled
DT Clocking : Enabled
Packetized : Enabled

---- TARGET PARAMETERS -------------------------------------------------------
Target Description Firmware In Use In Use
Id Version Rate Width
0 ST336706LC HP04 Ultra160 Wide
1 ST336706LC HP04 Ultra160 Wide
2 ST336706LC HP04 Ultra160 Wide
3 ST336706LC HP04 Ultra160 Wide
4 ST336706LC HP04 Ultra160 Wide
5 ST336706LC HP04 Ultra160 Wide
6 ST336706LC HP04 Ultra160 Wide
8 ST336706LC HP04 Ultra2 Wide
9 ST336706LC HP04 Ultra2 Wide
10 ST336706LC HP04 Ultra2 Wide
11 ST336706LC HP04 Ultra2 Wide
12 ST336706LC HP04 Ultra2 Wide
13 ST336706LC HP04 Ultra2 Wide
14 ST336706LC HP04 Ultra2 Wide

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Re: DS2300 and Ultra160 mode

SES? Is that SE SCSI or Single Ended SCSI? Should that not be set to LVD?
Anyway, it is funny that it reports everything after ID 7, it ID, is Ultra2. I would not worry since it does report it is running at Ultra160 rate
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