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DS2600 Disk issue

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DS2600 Disk issue

Dear all,


i´ve install an brand new D2600 disk storage withe 2 x enclosure with 19 disk connectet in dual domain mode.



P421i Raif 6 with HS   1 HS + enclosure


I got the folloeing errormessage in in eveltlog system:


A drive failure notification has been received for the SATA physical drive located in bay 1.  This drive can be found in box 1 which is connected to port 2E of the array controller P421 located in server slot 2.  The failure reason received from the HP Smart Array firmware is: MISSING_IN_TOPOLOGY.


The message appears for all 12 disk in enclosure 1.


Did anybody has this message befor?






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Re: DS2600 Disk issue

D2600 jbod is LFF with 12 disks. Since, you are mentioning 19 disks, I am assuming you are cascading two jbods.And i believe the problem is with cascading. Can you please check cabling, if you have followed recommended cabling steps while cascading two or more jbods? At least " MISSING_IN_TOPOLOGY" message points towards that.