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Data Migration from FC-60 to EVA

Keith C. Patterson
Frequent Advisor

Data Migration from FC-60 to EVA

Hello all,
Hope this group covers the topic as this is a host based migration also.
Anyway, I am familiar with data migrations and have done many of them mostly on HDS storage using HDS tools.
However, in this scenario I need to migrate data from the above mentioned storage as well as from and older FC-AL only server, single HBA to a new fabric aware server with dual paths.
I was considering attaching the FC-60 down one path of the new server, FC-AL of course and attaching to the EVA down the other path, fabric of course. Will I have success in doing this using a combination of the VG commands along with pvmove?
If not can anyone suggest a better alternative?
Thanks for any advice.
Uwe Zessin
Honored Contributor

Re: Data Migration from FC-60 to EVA

I've helped a customer some time ago to migrate his data from old equipment to an EVA. We did exactly that: run one path to the old hardware, run the second path to the EVA and then copy the data to the EVA. Later on we set up Secure Path (it was an EVA 3000) and established full connectivity to the EVA.

I recall that some data was transferred via PVMOVE; for other the VG layouts were changed, because more space was available/required and it did not make sense to include lots of small virtual disks in a volume group.