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Data-in-place EVA Shelf Migration?

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Data-in-place EVA Shelf Migration?

Has anyone ever successfully moved EVA shelves with data from one EVA to a second EVA in a way that preserves the data?
-Both EVAs are of the same family of controllers.
-Both EVA support the model of shelves being moved (I/O modules and EMUs too).
-Both EVA contain data other than the data on the migrating shelves.
Víctor Cespón
Honored Contributor

Re: Data-in-place EVA Shelf Migration?

Hi, it is possible to:

- Upgrade an EVA3000/5000 to an EVA4000/6000/8000
- Upgrade an EVA3000/5000 to an EVA4100/6100/8100
- Upgrade an EVA4000/6000/8000 to an EVA4100/6100/8100
- Upgrade EVA4000 to 6000/8000
- Upgrade EVA4400 to 6400/8400

There are documents for each migration (I don't have external links yet, sorry)

In most cases you'll need to replace the I/O modules and EMUs, beside the controllers.