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Delete Business Copy Snapshots very slow

Patti T

Delete Business Copy Snapshots very slow

We have an EVA8000, VCS 5.031, with Business Copy 3.0 and RSM 2.0. Snapshots are Fully Allocated.

We have a job that deletes the existing snapshot and then creates a new one. The user wants to run this job every 3 hours. During testing, everything worked great. Now that we are ready to go to production, the snapshot deletion is taking forever - about 4-5 minutes per snapshot for some and others were quicker. When we were testing, each deletion was finishing in less than a minute. There are 32 146GB drives in the group with a total capacity of 3826.48 and a used capacity of 3377.63 (88%). We have it set to double protection.

I watched the EVA CPU utilization and it was very low before we started the deletion and it seemed to be very low while it was waiting for the disk to delete.

The vdisks are 100GB in size and according to RSM, the capacity was 0 - which I took as nothing copied to the snapdrive. We have 8 disks that are over 100GB.

The host is HP-UX.

Dave La Mar
Honored Contributor

Re: Delete Business Copy Snapshots very slow

Patti -
We encountered the same. We were advised by HP that this is a direct result of the I/O goining on at the EVA and the production volume from which you created the snapshot.
In our testing, we actually created a snapclone and did our testing against a snap shot of this.
With no I/O going on against the snapclone our snapshot deletes were nearly instantaneous.
Against the production copy you have the I/O to contend with, thus what you are seeing, IMHO, is expected.
For that reason we are moving to CVS 4.0 where "containers" are used and deletes and creates are nearly instantaneous.

Best of luck on this.


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