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Delete LUSE

Regular Advisor

Delete LUSE

How do we delete LUSE volumes on a XP512 and make them available at the ports so that they can be re-assigned as separate LUNS???
Jon Hill_3

Re: Delete LUSE

I've had trouble doing this with Commandview but that may have been a firmware issue. At any rate, you can do it with Remote Console.

Go to LUN Management and remove any LUNs assigned to your LUSE. Then go to the LU Expansion Define tab, select the CU:LDEV in question, and click Free.

For more info, see - hp surestore LUN configuration manager xp

Ming Zhao

Re: Delete LUSE

LUSE (Logical Unit Size Extension) is a built-in feature of LUN.

The LDEV ID numbers are not freed up when a LUSE volume is created. These numbers are retained by the system to be used if the extended volume is split apart again. Which means after you delete LUSE from commandview or remote control, all original ldev will be free up for re-using as normal. The deletion procedure of LUSE is the same as normal ldev.

hope it help you.