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Delete and Rebuild "Autoraid"

Ceremony Chap
Occasional Contributor

Delete and Rebuild "Autoraid"

Does anyone have any instruction how to rebuild and AUTORAID from scratch ?

I have an AUTORAID model 12L, purchased about 2 years ago. The earliest model of an AUTORAID. I has been working great. Through some training, I discovered that my RAID is not configured for the best performance of my environment. However, since I have not done one, I am kind of shaky to take a chance.

What I am looking for is a step my step instruction., some pitfalls, if there is any.

The RAID has 4MB X 12 HD, with 48MB Cache


Regular Advisor

Re: Delete and Rebuild "Autoraid"


Hope this would help you

12 * 4GB HDD

the get the optimum performance for autoraid its better to leave enough unallocated space for RAID 0/1.

If your HOT SPARE is enabled 4GB will be reserved for that.

the below value's are appox'd

11 GB for raid 5
2 GB for RAID 0/1 controller overhead

effectively you can get 31 GB for data.

In this space you can create the LUN's as per the LV requirement, this can be done through SAM.


All this info is available in the manual,could be referred for more details

wishing success....


Maarten van Maanen
Regular Advisor

Re: Delete and Rebuild "Autoraid"

Hi Chap,

Although we are using a 12H model which might be a bit different somewhere, we have basically done what you want to do. We got a 12H with 6x18Gb disk under 1 LUN from HP and reconfigured it to use more LUN's and both disk array controllers for better performance.
Also, I created a log-file and subsequent word-file of the whole process so I could repeat it in the future.
I could mail this to you but have to translate it from Dutch first.
Mail me to mmaanen@computer2000.nl if you're interested.

Maarten van Maanen