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Re: Delete disk group - howto

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Delete disk group - howto

I have an EVA storage with two disk groups (well, let's name them One and Two). I have no LUNs on DG Two and i'm going to take all disks from this group out from enclosures and replace them with newer ones. Newer disks should be joined to DG One. My plan is:
1) Delete disk group from CommandView
2) Take one old disk from this group from enclosure and replace it with new one
3) Wait a minute until it will get the address in loop.
4) GOTO 2 until all disks are replaced
5) Add new disks to DG One.

I'm not absolutely sure if my plan is correct so any comments will be appreciated.
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Re: Delete disk group - howto

Verify and update the disk firmware version if needed.
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Re: Delete disk group - howto

Hope you will consider the XCS verison as some of the new Disks required specific verison of XCS or later to support.