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Deleting Array in RA4100 running W2K Advanced

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Deleting Array in RA4100 running W2K Advanced

I would like to delete from ACU an array with two logical drives.

After doing this I would like to replace the disks with 172GB disks and recreate the array, restore data from backup. I know other ways of achiveing this exists (extend etc) but this is what customer wants.The drives map to w2k drives used to store flat files

My question: what implication will this have on w2k? Will deleting the array and recreating create problems in w2k disk management? Will simply running disk management and creating new drives in w2k be enough?

config:win2k advanced, clustered server dl580, controller fw 2.58
Bostjan Kosi
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Re: Deleting Array in RA4100 running W2K Advanced


You would have to backup and restore disk signatures using clusrest utility. The procedures are well described on MS web pages. I would go for slow disk replacement and expansion + diskpart for expanding the partitions. With a known good backup of course (just in case).

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