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Determining Free Disk Space in XP

James Hicks

Determining Free Disk Space in XP

Is there a quick way, besides just adding the free volumes on the LUN Management main window, of determing:

1 - the amount of free space within an XP
2- how much space is allocated / used by an attached host

Thanks in advance
Mark van Silfhout
Trusted Contributor

Re: Determining Free Disk Space in XP


The fastest way should be: accurate documentation... however if you look with Command View to your ldev's you can see quite quickly, which ldev's aren't used: the ones that do not have a path assigned are most likely not used (however you can't be sure!!, it could be a BC or CA volume). So documentation is the keyword for this!!
From XP point of view you can't see how much data is used on the ldev, it just controls the ldev's, etc. but can't look at the data.