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Difference between HP EVA4000 & EMC CX500

Md. Khairul Alam Prodha_3
Occasional Contributor

Difference between HP EVA4000 & EMC CX500


Could any one provide us the difference (which one is good from technical/IO performance site) between HP EVA4000 & EMC CX500?

Which one is good for 2TB Usable spcae using 146GB 10K HDD and can upgrade 8TB usable space RAID0/1 with Hot Spare?

How many HDD we need (146GB 10K rpm?

How many Disk space we need to put free?

We need more IOPs for Oracle 9i Database.

Mauro Gatti
Valued Contributor

Re: Difference between HP EVA4000 & EMC CX500

EVA and Clariion are same level storage.
We have got CX700 and CX500 with a lot of oracle databases (8, 9 and 10).

In EVA you can't control data allocation on disks because EVA is "Virtual" array while on CX you can exactly manage you RAID datas.

I suppose They use same disk type (CX uses also serial ATA drive).


Ubi maior, minor cessat!
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Re: Difference between HP EVA4000 & EMC CX500

I would go with the Clarion. If you have to pick between the two products. A EMC Symmetrix or a HP XP would be better although more costly.
Get as many disks as you can. This will help your performance. Sit down with your Users and the Vendor and plan the layout of your disks on the Frame very cafefully. You will thank yourself later :). You can get crappy performance out of the best storage if you do a bad job carving it up. Make sure your luns are spread out accross the controllers, disks and fibers as widely and evenly as possible. Carve up the frame with a bunch of small like size luns and allocate them in the correct sequence to the servers as you need them. Stripe your Volume groups.

Your number drives will depend on the raid setup and number of spares in your array. Your vendor will be able to assist you with that, the answer honestly varries.

***Important note more disks is better. ***
So if you want a screamin large database filsystem
create a Volume group with 255 luns that spans 255 disks that are even steven across the controlers and fibers off the back of your frame :) Then create a 255 logical volume stripe that has a strip size of 1024