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Direction of Storage with HP

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Quin Hammes
Valued Contributor

Direction of Storage with HP

With the recent merger between HP and Compaq, HP came out and said that the foundation of their storage roadmap will be Storage Works but they will continue with the XP for HP centric shops. I was talking with a friend yesterday and he said that the maximum cache with the EVA line from Storage Works is 2 GB. How can HP expect to compete on the high end storage market with a substandard system such as this. Does storageworks really compare to the XP/HDS line with even basic metrics such as maximum cache, throughput etc...? Point for any feedback. Thanks.

Vincent Fleming
Honored Contributor

Re: Direction of Storage with HP

I think you're taking the message the wrong way... The EVA is not going to replace the XP - it can be used in a similar environment as a alternative with a modular architecure, but it is not replacing the XP product line.

The message is really "customer choice" - you will be able to get both Modular and traditional Enterprise storage from HP.

And the EVA can compete because it's modular - the modularity allows you to use as many controllers as needed to attain a particular performance level. It's not a bad scheme - just a different paradigm. It may or may not work well in your environment. Ask your Presales Solutions Architect about suitability in your shop.

Good luck!
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