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Disk Array Conf.

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Disk Array Conf.

Hi Masters,
I have AutoRaid 12H with 12*18Gb Disk and Two Controller. I want two create TWO LUN's each of 100Gb and 40Gb, so that i have two VG's for two different oracle applications.
Hot Spare--> Enable.
So what will be the action plan to configure the AutoRaid as per above requirement please
explain with OS command sequence.

If more information is required, will be provided.
Thanks in Adv.
S.K. Chan
Honored Contributor

Re: Disk Array Conf.

I assume you know the LUN creation part using arraymgr/arraydsp/arraycfg. After you've created the 2 LUNS (100GB & 40GB), you should be able to see those device files with ioscan.
# ioscan -fnC disk
If no device files are created, run ..
# insf -e
With 2 LUNs you'll get 4 device files (a pair each), for example ..
The above will be the case if you got one conection from CPU to the controller and then daisy chained the 1st controller to the other. If you got 2 connection going to the controller, one on each controller then the device files would look like ..
The "c" identifies the SCSI adapter on your CPU, the "t" identifies the controller of the array and the "d" would be the LUN id.
I'll assume you got a pair of SCSI cable going to the array. So the paired up devices would be..
c4t1d0 and c5t2d0
c4t1d1 and c5t2d1
Now to create your VG..
# pvcreate /dev/rdsk/c4t1d0
# mkdir /dev/vg01
# mknod /dev/vg01/group c 64 0x010000
==> minor number 0x010000 must be unique
# vgcreate vg01 /dev/dsk/c4t1d0 /dev/dsk/c5t2d0
==> c4t1d0 is primary and c5t2d0 is secondary
# vgdisplay -v vg01
==> check status (notice the "alt" path for c5t2d0)
To create you LV (example..)
# lvcreate -L 10000 -n lvol1 vg01
==> creating a 10GB LV named lvol1 in vg01
# newfs -F vxfs /dev/vg01/rlvol1
# mkdir /test
# mount /dev/vg01/lvol1 /test
# vi /etc/fstab
==> update fstab file accordingly to makesure it mounts everytime system reboot.
Test the mount from /etc/fstab
# cd /
# umount /test
# mount -a
# bdf

All set !


Re: Disk Array Conf.

Hi S.K.Chan,
I want it right from creation of LUN's.
S.K. Chan
Honored Contributor

Re: Disk Array Conf.

Ok lets do it .. (100GB and 40GB LUNs)
# arraydsp -i
==> Take note of the array serial number or id, you'll need it in subsequent command. Assuming the id is 0000001244DD.
# arraydsp -a 0000001244DD |more
==> you'll get something like this ..
Vendor ID = HP
Product ID = C5447A
Array serial number = 0000001244DD
--- Disk space usage --------------------
Total physical = 208397 MB Allocated to LUNs = 0 MB
Used as Active Hot spare = 34732 MB
Used by non-included disks = 0 MB
Used for Redundancy = 43356 MB
Unallocated (avail for LUNs) = 130309 MB

Since no LUNs are created yet the "Allocated to LUNs" row shows 0 MB. The "unallocated(avail for LUNS)" is the space you can use to create your LUNS. Also scroll down and double check that the controller X and Y have different SCSI address (usually 0&1).

To create your LUN..

# arraycfg -L 0 -a 100G 0000001244DD
==> create 1st 100GB LUN id=0
# arraydsp -a 0000001244DD |more
==> check it ..
# arraycfg -L 1 -a 40G 0000001244DDD
==> create 2nd 40GB LUN, before you do this make sure your have enough space left in "unallocated (avail for LUN)" after the creation of your 1st LUN. Obviously the example about shows that I don't have enough for a 40GB LUN.
# arraydsp -a 0000001244DD |more
==> check again ..

That's it !