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Disk Array - Nike 10 - A3539A

Cathy Squires
Frequent Advisor

Disk Array - Nike 10 - A3539A


I have a Disk array that maintenance decided would be a good place to drip water into. Initially it appeared that everything had survived, but the next day, several of the drives faulted. We replaced the drives and they all appeared to rebuild, but the service light, on the corner of the machine, is still on.

Is there any easy way to find out why the service light is still on? All the drives appear to have come back (although I'm still testing the RAID 5 set) but that fault light is making me concerened. I'll get HP support in if I have to, but want to find out what I can.

Cathy Squires
Honored Contributor

Re: Disk Array - Nike 10 - A3539A


I presumed other LEDs are normal on the front panel of the array.

In order to know why the Service LED on the SP is lit up , you need to examine the SP Event Log. You can do it using Grid Manager ( option 4 on the Main menu > option 1 ) I would check other options ( in Maintenance manu ) as well there to know whats going on.

Form HP-UX OS OE , you can use STM to check the status of the array.
Refer following doc to troubleshoot using STM and Grid Manager