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Disk Array model 10

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Disk Array model 10

Hi Guys,

I need to configure the disk using raid 5,but i couldn't see anything when i connect the data cable to the monitor directly,i have change the setting accordingly but still nothing can be seen on the terminal.When i hook it up to the system i can see the disk but i can only bind 5 disks which are the B0 to B4 but the A0 to A5 is not accessible at all.

Im new tho this disk array and i have never work on it before.

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Re: Disk Array model 10


Refer following links to double check the procedure required to get the Grid manager connection.


Once GM is available, you can to know disk modules A0-A5 current status. Check the LEDs on SP as well.

Refer the documentation at

Although the documentation refer Model 20, it is applicable to Model 10 except the some h/w changes like max disks , buses etc.
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Re: Disk Array model 10

hi sameer,

i followed the instructions on the pdf but still cant see anything on the screen but i can see the disk using SAM....