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Disk Array with AutoRAID, Model 12 questions

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Aaron Mildenstein_1
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Disk Array with AutoRAID, Model 12 questions

I have determined that I have Rev:HP25 on each of my controllers:

Copyright (C) 1995, 1997 Hewlett-Packard Company
Array with S/N: 00000120C95C Rev: HP25 Model: C3586A
Array with S/N: 00000120C95C Rev: HP25 Model: C3586A

I have also determined that I can go as high as Rev HP27:

AutoRaid Model 12 (A3515A)
HP02 Original Release
HP11 Second Release
HP15 Third Release
HP19 Temporary Release
HP25 Fourth Releasae
HP27 Current Release
See Service Note A3515A-3A

I am actually looking, but cannot find Service Note A3515A-3A, nor can I find the HP27 release. How do I go about it? What size disks does it support as of now? I'm interested in filling this unit up with 9.1G drives, but don't know if that would be possible, so this is a whole lot of questions rolled into one. Thanks in advance!
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Eugeny Brychkov
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Re: Disk Array with AutoRAID, Model 12 questions

There's no critical need to upgrade to HP27 firmware unless you're experiencing problems with AutoRAID. Upgrade should be done by HP engineer, and he/she should decide whenever there're any additional actions needed.
I saw no new disk support in HP27 features list. Please call HP for more info about disks but I see no 9GB disks for AutoRAID 12 product (but it does not mean that 36GB disk from 12h will not work... but remember - 12h has another firmware - latest HP62).
Would you like to roll to recent HP disk array model, for example, to VA7100? Check with HP for any trade-in programs
KD Kim
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Re: Disk Array with AutoRAID, Model 12 questions

You might tell us why you feel you need the HP27...

You can go to 18GB drives, you can mix 9 and 18s in the same box.

The 12H was EOL early this year 2002.

Do you have support on this box?

Call me with questions and I can talk to you about some other HP options, or I can get you HP support on your 12H if you need it.

K 847-303-6460 x253
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Re: Disk Array with AutoRAID, Model 12 questions


You're out of luck, 9GB drives will not work in the model 12:


fw 25 can be found here:

but fw 27 is included in the 12H lif image:

try with service number A3515A-03A:

HP27 provides the following features not available in earlier versions of firmware:

Fixes a pass through command timeout problem, which could cause the array to stop responding to the host.
Improves the marginal disk failure algorithms.

Software Patch

IPR (Independent Product Release) media CDROM release June 2000 or newer. If the updated patches are not installed the array will not function correctly. This release contains the minimum required AutoRAID patches:

PHCO_21435 for 11.00 OS

PCHO_21309 for 10.XX OS

Most likely these patches have been superseded. It is recommended to install the latest patch.

Firmware file C3586AHP27.raw


There are two procedures documented in this service note. Perform them in the order listed below.

1. Install or update the ARMServer patch
2. Install HP27 firmware into the controller/s.

It works for me (tm)