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Disk Arrays and partitioning with Smart Array 6402

damon lane
Occasional Contributor

Disk Arrays and partitioning with Smart Array 6402

Hi all

Just wanted to get some opinions on disk partitioning for a DB server Im implementing

I have a HP Server with 6 drives and an array card. Im going to setup one array as a mirror for two disks for the OS/Transaction log and another array as a RAID5 set of the other four disks

Ive read a lot of stuff about splitting your OS and you data accross two arrays etc improves performance rather than having Windows see all the disks as one big array but what Im wondering is are there any best practices with regard to partitioning the RAID5 array for a DB (SQl Server) implemention?

Our previos standard would have been to create 2 windows partitions within the RAID5 array, 1 for data, 1 for Apps. However this server will only house SQL Server so is there any advantage to multiple partitions for the SQL Server apart from putting transaction.log on a completely different partition

Many thanks