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Disk AutoArray 12H: SCSI Timeout Errors

Wesley Cooper
Occasional Visitor

Disk AutoArray 12H: SCSI Timeout Errors

K370 11.0 HPUX host

Just started getting SCSI timeout errors two weeks ago. These errors coincide with a cron job thats been successfully running over one year (without errors). Ftp-Prod cron job ftp's 20 1.8Gb files over our LAN to a vol grp residing on the Disk Array. HP H/W says our host controllers, and array looks fine; yet we keep getting msgs.
Helen French
Honored Contributor

Re: Disk AutoArray 12H: SCSI Timeout Errors

This can be due to number of reasons:
1) Disk hardware error - in your case the errors refering to SCSI device - /dev/dsk/c1t1d2. Check this disk with STM tools, dd and other tools. Make sure that the disk is okay. If there is some errors, then replace it.
2) Check and apply latest patches (SCSI, LVM, disk array patches)
3) Check all controllers and SCSI timeout values set on the disk array with the help of HP.
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