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Disk Firmware upgrade

Darren Keenan
Occasional Contributor

Disk Firmware upgrade

We have an EVA 5000 used by several hosts, and we have to upgrade the firmware on the hard drives.
1) Does anyone have a good link on where I can find the correct procedure?
2) How are spare disks handled (which are not attached at the time of the upgrade)? A coworker suggested that the array should be smart enough to automatically "roll in" the new firmware to a newly inserted disk. (Perhaps the link for #1 will address this issue).
3) I did see one reference to the process taking about 4 minutes per disk, but if it is a serial process, that would create an unacceptibly long down time, so I didn't trust that process.
Uwe Zessin
Honored Contributor

Re: Disk Firmware upgrade


2) The EVA does automatically upgrade a disk drive enclosure's EMU, but there is no auto-upgrade capability for disk drives.

The VCS V3.020 firmware is about 4.5 MBytes. A load file for an individual disk drive is about 600 KBytes and, last time I checked, there were 8 different files.

3) I have never timed it, but 4 minutes is way not enough, because you can only update an ungrouped disk.

There is a special load image to update all disk drives at once, but what happens is this:

- a service engineer load this image into the system

- VCS shuts down (no host I/O!!) and the controllers execute this image

- all disk drives are loaded at once

- the controllers reboot with VCS

It should take about 10 minutes, but during this process the entire storage array is down! Such an action must be planned very carefully - if something goes wrong during the update process you can end up with up to 240 dead disk drives and a total data loss!
Darren Keenan
Occasional Contributor

Re: Disk Firmware upgrade

Thanks. Very useful information - especially about the mass update.