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Disk Size 4GB

Joel Pessoa
Occasional Contributor

Disk Size 4GB

I installed a raid 5 in 4 disks of 146gb each. The partition that i created was 420007MB. And when the Windows 2000 Server are installed it only gives me 4 GB partition.

I need help....

Honored Contributor

Re: Disk Size 4GB

That is the default partition size of the OS install program. If you do not adjust it, that is what you get, a 4MB partition for the OS.
My guess, from the order in which you list your tasks, is that you speak of the creation of a 420007MB "Logical Drive", this is not a partition. The OS created a 'partition' on the Logical Drive.
Reinstall the OS, this time not an automated install, but select the size of the install partition to your desire.
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