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Disk Size to Performance

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Disk Size to Performance

Does the Virtual disk size affect performance ?

For Eg: do you recommend creating one large 2TB LUN or multiple smaller LUNs to be assigned to one server.


Ivan Ferreira
Honored Contributor

Re: Disk Size to Performance

In case of Virtual Disks, from the storage perspective, the LUN size does not affects the performance.

But you could get performance benefits from the operating system perspective, if you have more than one LUN, as cache/queues are asignes in a per LUN basis.

If where up to me, I would create 500 GB LUNs.

You should also consider your backup strategy.

If you can, try to put read-only information in a separate LUN, so you can backup this less frequently.
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Hasan Atasoy
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Re: Disk Size to Performance


I would recommend smaller size luns ( around 500Gb for your conf ) , because luns will be distributed among controller, more easy administration task, more easy backup administration, queu depth settings and more.

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Re: Disk Size to Performance

what if its a VM Ware cluster with 6 TB and 6 ESX servers
Michael Steele_2
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Re: Disk Size to Performance

Hi Sajeev:

The more the better. The bigger the fire hose the faster the water is delivered. Here are some areas that you can control to get faster delivery.

File system block size. Bigger blocks mean less work for the transfer.

Stripping across spindles and disks. The more spindles the less work to perform when read / writting.

HBA's. Get as many as possible on both server and disk array and round robin the HBA
s (* pri > alt alt > pri *) to balance evenly across the HBA's.

Raid 1 is faster than Raid 5. Put your database on raid 5 and your archive logs on raid 1.

Use one disk group in the disk array. Especially if you're limited by only two HBA controllers.
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