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Disk System & Virtual Array

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Disk System & Virtual Array

Hi All

I am a newbie with Storage devices. Recently we bought HP storage devices.
These devices are a SAN SWITCH and a DISK SYSTEM.
In front of the Disk System wrote "HP DISK SYSTEM 2405" but when I connect to serial port and system going to boot up, it says that the system is "HP VIRTUAL ARRAY 7110".
I searched the HP site. It seems Disk SYTEM and VIRTUAL ARRAY are different products.
At the back side of this device we have two ports, one of them called JBOD (I think I should connect it directly to Server) another one called HOST that I connect it to SAN switch.
What is this device? Is it a Disk System or Virtual ARRAY, finally?

Uwe Zessin
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Re: Disk System & Virtual Array

A VA7110 is a combination of fibre channel RAID controller with 15 disk drive bays. A DS2405 is a disk drive enclosure to house up to 15 fibre channel disk drives - I don't think it has a console port. It is possible that someone put a wrong part (reading "HP DISK SYSTEM 2405") on the VA7110.

You can expand a VA7110 with additional DS2405 boxes - that is what the JBOD connectors are for. In the HP world, a disk drive enclosure is often called a 'JBOD'. Your servers need to be connected to the fibre channel switch(es), so that they can talk to the VA7110 via its host ports.
Nguyen Anh Tien
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Re: Disk System & Virtual Array

Disk system 2405 (DS2405) and VA7110 is different product.
Disk system 2405 is extend storage device for VIRTUAL ARRAY 7400 (VA7400), VA 7100,VA7110 VA7410. it is called JBOD. You can use 'armdsp -t VA_alias_name" to see topology.

[iis] armdsp -t DC_VA
Vendor ID:______________________________HP
Product ID:_____________________________A6189A
Array World Wide Name:__________________50060b000014ea2c
Array Serial Number:____________________00SG232J0018


M/C1.J1 <-----+
+-----> JA0/C1

M/C2.J1 <-----+
+-----> JA0/C2
HP is simple
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Re: Disk System & Virtual Array

Thank you.