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Re: Disk Waiting Rebuild

Craig Faice
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Disk Waiting Rebuild

Hi All,

I have a disk waiting for rebuild, however it is not rebuilding.

I have attached the logs from the HP Storage Array Software, is anyone able to determine what is causing this issue?

Kind Regards,
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Re: Disk Waiting Rebuild

Unable to download the logs.

Sounds like you are using EVA and logs are collected from CommandViewEVA???

ALso, confirm the EVA model and firmware. There are several firmware have this as known issue.

Bottom line, HP will have to go through the logs and possibly force the resync.
Víctor Cespón
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Re: Disk Waiting Rebuild

It is an ADU report, but you have an Smart Array 6i, an Smart Array 6404 and 3 MSA20.
It would help if you explain what disk you're talking about.