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Disk error on MSA1500


Disk error on MSA1500

I have a RAID5 set on an MSA1500. Since updating the disk firmware the unit periodically reports lots of errors (although it appears to continue to function properly). It will go all day without reporting any, then there will be a burst of a couple of thousand errors over an hour or so. I suspect one of the disks got messed up during the firmware update as it worked fine before then. How can I find which disk is causing the error? (Trial and error is all I've come up with so far, replace one disk at a time and see what happens). A typical error log entry is attached.

Re: Disk error on MSA1500

I have now determined that it wasn't the disks at all. The problem was that the drives preferred path on the MSA1500 was controller 1, but VMS was accessing it through controller 2. When I manually forced VMS to access it via controller 1 ( with a set device/switch/path=xxx command ) the errors went away.

Now the question is why VMS didn't automatically switch to controller 1 as the guide says it should ( it's VMS 8.3 on Itanium with VMS83I_update V2.0 installed).