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Disk failure in array

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Nello Palma
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Disk failure in array

I am trying to identify a problem disk with a HP9000(11.0) with two A3311A disk array units(8 drives each) connected to it. The Event Monitor Notification identifies the hardware path of the problem drive. How do I identify the physical drive in the array unit.
Insu Kim
Honored Contributor

Re: Disk failure in array

The disk drive in question is identified by the next-to-last segment of the hardware path.
If EMS reported a disk drive at 8/4/4.6.0,

( System bus address, 8/4/4, is normally printed on the systems. )

"6" would be controller address on the disk.
Go to the rear side of the box where you can see dip switches allocated for every disk drive.
It consists of 4 segments :
8 4 2 1

If switches 2,4 is set to on, address for the disk drive would be 6 (2+4).
This is what I'm tryig to find in this example.

Try to find a disk drive fishy in this manner.

One more thing is that A3311A is not array but JBOB which is capable of housing multiple disk drives in an enclosure for High availability systems with hot swap featured.

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